Grande Annata Rosè

Met. Classico dal 1973

Harvest slightly postponed, characterized by cold climate, and connoted by temperature leap giving rigour and character to the cuvee. A great Rosé needs perfectly mature grapes to which devote a cold maceration in order to obtain, trough the “drop” method, extremely elegant wines although preserving its complexity, lightness and charm.

Grape variety: Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Noir 20%. Coming from the vineyards with the best sun exposure from the southern Valtenesi hills and the Lake Iseo; 35% of the grapes are then kept in small white oak barrels.

Perlage: Refined and with natural persistence, it has well distributed small chains which helps the density of the crown.

At the eye: Very delicate overblown rose with a hint of cipria and pearl.

At the nose: Complex bouquet of red fruits such as strawberry, of currant and peach, also citrus and violet and cyclamen; copious in the maturity of fruits and flowers just seized.

In the mouth: elegant and full, characterized from a perfect synergy between structure and vivacity. Focus of the best expression of full energy that pairs at best the “pink nuances” of life.

Best served: 4 °C.