Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Trebbiano di Lugano is cultivated on the southern slope of
Garda Lake, south of Sirmione.
The excellent fertility that is characteristic of this land means the vine creates wines of outstanding structure. Traditional methods for making white wine are used with 35% of the must fermented in little white oak casks with a capacity of 228 litres.

Grape variety: Trebbiano di Lugana.

Colour: Straw yellow with greenish to yellow highlights, becoming slightly golden with ageing.

Aroma: Fragrant with extremely delicate hints of ripe apples and pears.
Elegant, well-rounded with good intensity.

Taste: Excellent structure, almost crisp in the pleasing taste, savoury, fresh and persistent.

Longevity: 2-4 years.

Serving temperature: 10-12 °C.