Consistent style since 1936

Family passion and a project in Valtènesi, on Lake Garda.
Three generations of dedication to this terroir and its fruit: a tribute to time, consistency and naturalness.
An unforgettable chapter in the history of lacrima vinification (“teardrop”, static dripping of the free-run when fermentation has just begun), inscribed in this small plot of land on poet D’Annunzio’s shore of Lake Garda, facing the sunrise.

Today as yesterday, we work towards precise objectives: the dignity of man’s toil, the patience to tend to our goals, the foresight to prepare the ground for our children and our children’s children.

In this land of rosé wines, where the premier grape is Groppello, Costaripa has revisited the local heritage with its signature RosaMara.
Costaripa is sensibility and passion: dedicated men and women striving for excellence.
Crafting Chiaretto and rosé wines in Valtènesi. Crafting Valtènesi.